Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Spring has sprung
The grass is ris
I wonder where
The birdies is.

They are in the window at Rainy Day Books this week. 

A lovely Spring themed display with many books on Australian birds and particularly a new local bird watching book.

Birds of the Yarra catchment and where to find them - Peter Mason and Bird Observation and Conservation Australia $22

There is also a lovely found nest there that I would like to know the name of the bird that makes it, so if yu are a keen twitcher do call in and see if you know it.

Rainy Day Books has a great fondness for birds and every Spring a welcome swallow comes back to nest in the small brick toilet at the back of the shop.  A very clever mother bird has worked out that it is warmer but also a lot safer as the crows cannot get through the small gap in the fence.  She has a nest right near the ceiling on top of a brick column and when the chicks get too big for the nest she sits them along the top of the open door, and as she returns from her food gathering you can hear the crescendo of cheeps in the shop, even through the closed back door of the shop.