Tuesday, September 24, 2013

UP, UP and AWAY!


Rainy Day Books isn’t flying away this week, it’s just that the window is full of kites and books about kites.

Kite making and flying is a wonderful school holiday pastime and what’s more it is very cheap and they don't need batteries or power.

Make or buy a kite, ($2.50 at discount shops) find a hill to run down and whoosh - off they fly.

Children have been playing with kites for centuries and kite flying competitions are still conducted in Asian countries.

If you get a chance to look at the window can anyone tell me what the green thing is in the middle. Peacock??

PS.   The shop isn’t flying away but Meryll will be away from 10-20 October. Call in and chat to Clive for a change.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Springtime has arrived and the repaired window has been finished.   This is just the right time to have a new window display with a Spring theme.

For boys of all ages who love trains this is an opportunity to add to your collection of books and even if you have a favourite book that is not in stock, then Meryll will gladly do a search on your behalf throughout her network of contact worldwide.  It's always the right time to get a great book.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


The following article appeared in the Melbourne Sun-Herald last week.  

"Books beat e-readers when it comes to literature to take on holiday, a survey of 2000 readers has found.

As much as 71 per cent of travellers prefer a real book to an electronic version.  Most said they enjoyed the feel of a real book.

Sixty-seven per cent said they turn to friends and family for book recommendations".

So it seems that "real" books are a must when it comes to packing the suitcase for a holiday.  

In fact "real" books are a must for any occasion and any season as far as many of us are concerned.

It was also interesting to read that 67 per cent of respondents to the survey said they turn to friends and family for book recommendations.  

What a good idea to make a "wish-list" of authors and book titles and provide them to all your friends and family members as suggestions for gifts at any time of the year.   Then you'll always be sure of getting the book that you want!   Whatever season.

....... 2013 R'mary, regular visitor to Rainy Day Books