Thursday, March 15, 2012

You just never know!

You just never know what "treasures" you may find at a second-hand bookshop.  Thousands of people will tell you stories of how they were looking for a certain book and then came across something totally different which they just "had to have".  Sometimes it's what these people "do" with what they find that makes another interesting story!

This is a wonderful little video about a Poster from the Second World War entitlted "Keep Calm and Carry on" that was found in a box of old papers and posters at a Second-Hand Bookstore in England.

Watch and enjoy how this poster was resurrected and has become so popular that it has been reprinted and people are collecting it and framing it to hang in their homes in the 21st Century.

Keep the fact in mind that maybe you too, will find something fascinating and worth framing, when you visit Rainy Day Books.  You'll always find "treasures" here.

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