Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Books can be so much fun!

Books open so much of the world around us!  I know of people who don't have one single book in their homes!  To me, books are friends to be taken from the bookshelf and enjoyed over and over again.

Someone said to me the other day that books are dull and too serious!

I don't agree.  I visited the Rainy Day Bookshop today just to see what the window display would be this week!   Bees and Bee Keeping.   In amongst all the books I could see Pooh Bear, some little "bees", a beautifully knitted Beehive Teacosy, cheeky sunflowers and all sorts of things that make a person smile.

And that's what we need sometimes.  Things to make us smile.

If there's one thing you find at Rainy Day Books it's an ample supply of books surrounded by plenty of smiles.

Have a look at the attached recent Window Displays Page to see some more.

© 2011 Rosemary - an avid bookreader and regular visitor to Rainy Day Books.

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